Diagnose minor riding issue?

Difficult to describe this minor (at present) issue.

Street Triple

Otherwise running well

In second gear at the correct speed (20-30mph) changing up or down into second.

Turn accelerator

Engine “skips”/lags/struggles/doesn’t pick up straight away before engaging and accelerating.

It is definitely not not being in too high a gear.

It is not too much throttle freeplay.

The throttle “engages” but there is lag before the engine does its thing

It like to know what is causing it.

Make sense at all ? I’d like to describe it better, but it is an odd one.


Could be a few things, would say clutch cable and adjustment, but could be the clutch plate

What year bike is it?
Is it just in second gear?
What engine mode are you in?
Do the revs rise as you open the throttle?
When was it last serviced?
Is the battery good?
Does it rev freely when in neutral?
Where is @me_groovy or @National_Treasure to tell us instantly what’s wrong?

If I was a gambling man I’d wager it to be a combination of the manufacturers reducing emissions and the local authorities introducing reduced 20 mph speed limits. The manufacturers will have us believe the type of issue described here is characteristic of a modern Euro 5 engine with multiple riding and user definable modes. The issue is common with Honda’s range of 1100cc twins and their recommendation is to ride in sport mode, Triumph’s position will no doubt be the same.

Don’t think road speed vs gears, think engine loading vs RPM’s vs road speed. Give it more beans, ride in lower gears longer, change up later and/or slip the clutch on acceleration after throttling off for engine braking.

no engine modes
serviced within the last 6 months
battery good
yes revs freely in neutral

Sounds a bit odd. Has it always been like this, or is this a change?

Manufacturers do sometimes limit acceleration in specific gears via the ECU, depending on what mode the bike is in to help reduce the chance of you flipping it, but as it’s an older bike with a smaller engine, and it only happens in 2nd, not first as well, I don’t imagine it’s a designed electronic intervention.

Odd! I would take it to a dealer and ask them to run diagnostics on it.

its a recent thing, and definitely not an intended “feature”
thanks anyway, yes its an odd one.

If it’s only a recent thing & everything else is OK, it sounds like it could possibly be a sensor problem.

As Jay suggests, ask a dealer to run a diagnostic check.

Where’s @nivag he’ll tell you how to run diagnostics check on a 2010 Sweet Tweeple

If you’ve got an Android phone you should be able use TuneECU and a bluetooth ODB2 reader to check and see error logs on that model of bike.