Diablo 3

The dates have been released!!! WOO HOO!!

totally cant wait. been 12 looooooong years and I can preorder it! why? cause I dont know if my move dates are finalised yet :crying:

dont want to send it to some random:P

Send it to me mate.

Course you will never get it back :smiley:

not for another 12 years :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve play Diablo, Diablo 2, LOD and reading the news on D3 I’m more excited about Torchlight 2.

I really don’t like the you must be on line and connected to the internet to play. That really is ****. Blizzard is slowly turning in EA.

when Blizzard North closed, the developers went to either Arenanet or Runic Games. One developed Guildwars and the other Torchlight. You can see the connections quite clearly that both have with D2. Guildwars had the potential to be awesome, unfortunately it had some fundamental flaws that limited the enjoyment of the game. One of them being the gameplay system and development of the characters.

Torchlight is pure point and click fun.

I thnk its bulls%it you need to be online to play a game.

Constant DRM, EA says its for the auction house which is nonsense they could have just made the auction house an offline entity with the player auctions in real time.


Executive vice president of game design Rob Pardo notes that the wealth of improvements and features Diablo 3 brings to Battle.net necessitate the always-online requirement. Specific additions that he refers to include:

A persistent friends list.Cross-game chat via the RealID system.Persistent characters that are stored server-side (no more having to play online once every 90 days, nor item duplication cheats).Persistent party system.Player-versus-player and public game matchmaking.Dynamic drop-in/out for co-opLarger item stash that gets shared among all of your characters (at the moment, up to 10)The auction house, outlined here.The Achievement system and detailed stat-tracking, both of which feed into the final point:The Banner system, a visual way to display your prowess in the game. Banners start out like emblems, where you can choose from an array of symbols, patterns, and overall shape/design. Then, you can tweak its appearance through Achievements and other accomplishments. Examples Pardo cites include whether the character is in Hardcore mode, how many Achievements have been earned, how many PVP victories, and so forth. Additionally, the Banners also have gameplay features; in-game, rather than use Town Portal, you can click on a player’s Banner to instantly teleport over to said player.While Pardo recognizes that people sometimes want or need to play offline (such as internet outages, or playing on a laptop during an airplane flight), he notes that the increased security, plus benefits like the above, outweigh those other concerns. “I want to play Diablo 3 on my laptop in a plane, but, well, there are other games to play for times like that.”


Which is why I might not buy D3. As I said really looking forward to Torchlight 2, really like the steam punk thing that they did with D2 (effectively).