DHL Scam

Hello folks,

Just ahead of the Xmas peak for parcels, there are two scams running using DHL’s name and branding.

This is legit because a Charity I manage the emails for has just received one and I called them before opening the so called ‘address label’.

The email scam, using their colours and branding say’s that they couldn’t deliver a parcel and you have to collect it from their local office, but then refers to a Post Office.

The address label attachment is an Executable and the email address isn’t a full DHL address - if of course you remember to read it properly.

The second scam is to leave a missed delivery card, with an 09000 number.

It will cost you over £300 to make this duff call.

Merry Christmas Everybody!!!

Maintain vigelance, but note this re the second scam -