Developers looking for work?

Any good permie 3.5/SQL/WCF developers looking for work, let me know. I know of two roles being recruited for, good conditions.

we’re also looking for Java Developers :wink:

(J2EE e.g. WebLogic, Linux, Apache, JBoss, Tomcat, Hibernate and Oracle)

Or why not come to us for Python! (Linux, SQL, Oracle) Chiswick :cool:

P.S. sorry for the post-hijack Jay!

Surely someone wants a moderately crap perl munger? :wink:

I’m a quick learner, gis a job :smiley:

Me to!
I’d like to get into that sort of thing.

make us a cuppa java first! :smiley:


I could be a good office bitch ya know :):slight_smile:

any old job will do :slight_smile:

How funny, three job offers, but all distinct :slight_smile:

Sorry, experienced developers only sought.

Funny, you couldn’t find a job six months ago, now you can’t find a developer :slight_smile:

It’s one positive side effect of a recession. It weeds out all the idiods who don’t know what they’re doing and managed to blag their way through jobs. Same thing happened in 2000/2001 when the .com bubble popped.

And before anybody gets angry, I’m not saying that having lost your job means you’re not any good.

Hey Jay, been a long time since I’ve been on these forums, but seeing as im getting back up on the horse in january I feel the need for… Anyway are you looking for someone to do a contracting type project or is it a job position. I’ve already got a job but if your looking for someone who can do some development work, I can look at it. Oh sorry, out of the list of languages you mentioned I only know Java and SQL

Is this post available in standard English?