Just back from 2 weeks in Kefalonia, Greece. Glorious sunshine everyday and 40 degrees in the sun. Hired a scooter and whizzed around in the heat to various beaches. Now today back at work, it’s drizzling outside and I will not be able to get out on my bikey until the weekend after next (going on my first RAT run down to the IOW).

Feel like jacking my job, getting on my bike and spending the rest of the year riding through Europe to warmer climes. I am guessing this is normal? (only been riding bikes for 5 months…)

Sounds like pretty normal feelings when returning to work after a nice holiday ;)But seriously, what’s stopping you doing that, obviously if you have kids then maybe not but if you don’t why not get saving for a bit and plan to do it next year :slight_smile:

I feel like that and have not even been in the sun this summer, bad planning.

Kefalonia is island tranquility and beauty personified. Been twice and had two of the best holidays.

At least you got there and can make everyone at work jelous over your tan.

Im a bit depressed at the moment too - but I need to clear a load of debt before I can make plans! Damn education is expensive! Especially when there is no Banco Parentis!

It’s a nice idea just to give it all up and ride off into the sunset. I have no kids so every reason to do it. Just you feel trapped into the rat race: mortgage, job etc. Silliness really.

But all things said I am sporting one heck of a tan, oh yeh.


Rent your place out and as for the job, get a new one when you get back :slight_smile:

Tiggi, you are of course right. Just need to convince hubby…!


Get a new one when you get back :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing worse is there? got back form minorca a couple of weeks ago it was 40d out there, come back to this shite weather, but wouldnt fancy riding around in 40degree heat with leathers on, i too got nice nan going to turkey on the 21st sept day after i get married:D top up the tan:)

lol, already on my second! I haven’t the energy for a hatrick! :stuck_out_tongue:



I know how you feel, ive been back 1 week now and i cant get back in the swing of things.