dent repair - for car

Hi bikers

I bought a new car (got it today :D:D) and I am going to sell my old car. Before I sell it I wanted to fix a small dent (so I might increase the asking price). Do you know any good place in London where they can fix it?

Is it worth fixing the dent? or should I sell as it is?


That all depends on the car, and teh size of the dent and where it is on the car?

If the car is fairly new then yes get it sorted, if its like 10 years old then don’t bother.

Drop me a PM if you like and i can see if i can help. No idea about places in London that could fix the dent mind.

depends on size shape depth and placement of the dent.

if for instance its on a wing which is a single layer of rolled ally/steel, then its a fairly quick job to tap it out. if its small not too deep and on a faiirly flat surface then a high power sucker will work.

if however its on a double skinned part or body work, say for instance, a bonnet lid, then it makes it harder to get to in order to tap out. also if its on a curve or ridge it makes it more complex.

simple ones will be quick and easy with a suction cup

moderate ones will require a hammer and anvil set and some skill

hard ones require a drill a slide hammer and some filler.

hope this helps, or at least makes sense

or you could try with a hairdrier and compressed air! :wink:

as said above, car/age etc but wot i will say dont get it filled with filler etc, i reckon it will be better to be an honest car with dent than to fill it.

show us a pic! if it can be pulled out etc that might be better.

also will ya get on top of car wot you pay for it to be filled/pulled?

Try Dent Doctors, they will come to you.

if its a dent that has not cracked the paint, and you are near essex/east london i know some one that can help. send me a pm if your interested.

he he on my car the paint cracked:( need someone to touch it up… or something, I even have the correct paint:)