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Dennis's Challenge Cancer Ride London to Brighton

Hi all,

I am taking on the Challenge Cancer Bycicle Ride from London to Brighton in September.
Its a 60 mile ride and massive challenge.

please take a moment to have a look and like my facebook page and if you have a moment i would appreciate any help for my fundraising target ond just giving.

thanks Dennis


thanks a lot mate i appreciate it…i hope people will follow your first step :slight_smile:

hey guys…thanks again to timmy…i have one more week until the challenge…i have been able to fundraise 200% of my fundraisin target and would like to try to use the last week to give it another boost…

please if any of you would just take a minute to read my page and may donate any amount affordable…any small bit will help…
thanks guys

last 2 days until the challenge…i managed to raise 700£ so far and it would be great if we could up it a little bit more…its for a good cause…

thanks D.

How did the ride go?

how do the legs feel today?
saddle sores?