Demon-Eyes R1/R6

Check out these light mods that can be done to R1/R6. though not sure if the 5-0 would look kindly on them being on the road …the website is



Cool! Presume the main bulb is still white? Otherwise night-vision’s out the window.

Remind me of the side lights on BMW 5-series.

Do you think the headlights of my zx7r (pictured below)can be modified?



I know the police would give any one with these lights on a tug,(Sometimes I get the feeling they are just itching for an excuse) they do look cool though.

Look great, don’t they? Hrm …

EEeeeeevil … like 'em!!

Not sure the 5-0 would like them !!!


Love it ( but you have been watching to much Cribs on MTV )

They love em in the States. I think they call them Angel eyes. They stay on all the time, but when you put your main beams on you don’t really see them. Think you can get them for K4/5 gixxers. Go on you know you want to!!!

But the K4’s and above have their beams on all the time, so how does that work? Do you need to fashion your own switch to turn the main beams off? I’d like that, don’t like have the main beams on all the time!

There was a big ol topic on these angel eyes on a while back. Someone over there makes em. He might even work for the company named above.

Here you go!!

Have I wandered into “Fastcar” magazine? FFS!