Delivered finally!

Some early pictures, I’ll get some nicer ones when it comes out next, smiffy, you’ll see it soon mate !

Lovely bike.

But i am more envious of your garage! :slight_smile:


+1 - Is the cycle just to get from one side to the other??:smiley:

That’s a beauty.

tasty m8, but do yourself a favour and edit pics showing garage doors etc.

i may be a bit paranoid but it shows prospective thiefs etc, you dont know who looks at these pics.

thanks for your concern about the garage door. The garages are integral to the house so the doors are linked to the house alarm :wink: ive also got a dog that “aint wired up right” :smiley:

heres some more pix


gorgeous bike i can see you like the colour red

wheelie virgin?

Mate, 3 things.Nice bike, I looked at buying one but got a 1098S instead, owning a MV Agusta at 22 years of age was just wrong. Sexy looking bikes.Secondly, hes not calling you a wheelie virgin, thats his signature.And finally, thats a **** wheelie, even the crowd look bored.:w00t::smiley:

thats a good selection of bikes youve got

Oh man, what a horrid bike!:sick:


Wow, thats yummy Lee!:w00t: Cant wait to that in the metal:cool: