Deer vs Bike

Came across this in another forum and would like to share …just imagine if he hit a moose instead of a whitetail! (and it happens a lot ,seen a few car vs moose crashes…car doesn’t win at all)

<img src=“” />

Doh!! here it is!



the bike





Oh dear!

wonder if that dude is really going to go the native indian way and “eat the heart of your kill so the great spirit lives on in you”

…or the English way of steak and kidney pie

crikey Mini-Mo, you’re right, looks like the end of a Blade and the start of a Fray Bentos pie.

Yes, A Stag-gering amount of damage . . .

Boom boom

I wonder if he was on his STAG night

ahahahahaha! I like those pies!

Hope he has enough DOE to get another bike… boom boom

Should have used his **horn[/b[