Deep clean prior to service

Giving the 990SMT a deep clean, and polish prior to collection on Saturday for service and MOT. So looking forward to be riding again after 18 months.


Bloody hell mate, that is one hell of a deep clean :slight_smile:

How long did that take you?

Still on going. Spend the afternoon yesterday stripping down and then cleaning all the panels, screen, fuel tank etc.

This morning has been cleaning the exhaust so it’s now mostly silvery grey, degreased, S-DOC’d, thoroughly scrubbed, hot soapy water and then finally rinsed.

I’ll leave it till tomorrow to do the chain, and finish of the rear wheel, and polish the metal work. And then put back together on Friday.

This afternoon it’s back to painting and DIY in the house.


Looks like an easy bike to, “Streetfighter.” Just put the seat back on and you are in business.

And the fuel tank. :laughing:

Missed a spot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I cleaned mine before its service appointment - it was embarrassing to drop such a muddy bike off - but I did nothing like this!

Mine ain’t getting cleaned before a service :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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That’s one dirty rear end.

Dirty boy.

Bike is now at the dealers. Service and MOT time baby.