Dedicated track days - and how long tyres last >

So I did 4 days on track at jerez last year and stuck on a pair of new bridgestone r11’s for the last two days.

Used tyre warmers during the day so counting that was two days use (just into the intermediate group) …running as two “heat cycles”

Now the bike is only used on track so the tyres should last for heat cycles

The tyre wear indicators are kind of meaningless at this point so do I have 1/2/3/4 more days use out of them ?

I do track days, but I’m bloody useless with knowing how much I got left, I probably change them way to early. I normally do about 6-8 days on a front, and 2-3 on a year…basically 2 rears to a front

It does depend on the track for me, sorry not much help :frowning:

PJ is the man…if he still comes on here?

When was you @ Jerez? I went in Oct with CircuitMoto

late october with FE last year

out to portimao in oct with NO limits … ticking boxes now 50 see :slight_smile:

Ahh my next one is Porto with Redline in Oct (early)! Cant wait, its a fucking mental track (if it doesn’t rain)

Might see you on a euro or two then!

My tyres seem to last ages,but I only run a 600 and alternate between left Hand and right hand tracks a lot.
As already said some tracks can destroy a Tyre in a day.
I have been going Cadwell,snetterton,Bedford,Rockingham and that tyre must have done about 8 days ,I don’t use warmers run mid to fast inters and will use it well past wear marker as first picture shows👍

yeah its hard to know about these tyres as its all feel eh

had 3rd day on them at brands gp and feel planted

Google Photos

the wear markers are for the road tho no ?

this is a dedicated track bike so i can run them into a slick right ?

Yep can run them till no tread left,a pro will change a tyre after 5 to 6 laps but every bit off extra grip and seconds they can knock off a lap time are vital.
Us mere mortals will struggle to overheat and kill a tyre in one or 2 days.
You will find the edges of the tyres wear out way before the Centre when just doing Trackdays.

What tyres do you use ? Just did Donington on my road tyres and it took a bite out of them might consider having dedicated track tyres.

I run in top 1/2 or top 1/3 of Inters. I got fed up of spending silly money on tyres. I’m currently running Continental Rack Attack (Endurance compound). They last well and I don’t feel I’m missing any grip from SC’s etc. I’m not saying that they’re as grippy but I just wasn’t exploiting them I guess…

I have PR3 and they give me enough grip for my novice level or riding :smile: but I was hoping have dedicated track tyres would have prolonged the life of them. But from the sounds of it I will just end up spending loads on track tyres as they dont last long them selves.