Debz birthday bash

Hey guys, ive just got back from Debz (Grimbusa`s ) other halfs birthday bash and it was great fun!, i had a really great time, thankyou sheri for the lift home and letting me poke your tits, plus to debz and graham it was a great night!, im bit pissed so im going to bed, im sure i will regret this in the morning!

ooh and dont forget ya clocks!

just got back as well thanks sherrie for dropping me at shepards bush, see the time for the last train was 11.44 looked at my phone 11.43 it said so run down the escalator and nearly fell down it, when i got down ther it was a six minute wait for a train to west ruislip, so neardlt ended up in hospital for nothing

thanks for a great night debs im surprised the pub has any windows left with you and ginger pixie singing

the security person was a ******, liked the meal and wigs that we wore and when madscientist managed to get her entire fist in her mouth and people thought she was miss sweet and inioncent

grimbusa has the pic to prove

Guess Who…





Whoops! Belated happy birthday Debz! We’re having a part of our own and will add your birthday to our toasts

And these ones…?





Glad to see some of you rolling in at a decent hour

Some chavs were fighting on the tube at Kings Cross so we thought we were gonna have to evacuate our train at Holburn (home is Potters Bar) The train finally continued but we had missed our link to overland train Mini cab to the rescue

A top night thanks to GingerPixie and all who came Great night had by all

Some weird pics which I cannot download till I get to work I had no idea that Madscientist could really get her whole fist in their

Thanks for the bubbly to all.

Must go, Debz is working her way through the wigs in the bedroom

Great pics Gingerpixie Will do some more tomorrow unless Madscientist pays me big

She didn’t get the rubber one - ha ha!!!

dont worry ive got a load, Ginger kindly took a load while i wasnt looking!, ive got loads of debz looking like Myre Hyndley, and ginger pixi looking like cher, ha ha! twas a good night, good company, and i CANNOT BELIEVE THAT MAD SCIENTIST CAN FIT HER HAND IN HER MOUTH!

And i do apologise for the crap speech, i was all tounge tied, it was awful! i wasnt prepared at all!, hehe.

Speech was ok - we couldn’t hear you anyway

Think I hurt my back when I put my foot behind my head… maybe I shouldn’t ever ever do that again. And I’ve never seen anyone go as red as Mad did after she was caught with a fist in her mouth

Really funny pics guy’s hope theres more!! Happy Birthday DEBZ

Good night was had by all indeed, I deny all knowledge of wearing any wigs, its all photoshopped I tells ya!..

Bit of a mishap though… I gave Louise a quick lift around traffy square to test out the pillion on the 'cat, and when I went to drop her off at picadilly circus, low and behold, I had snapped the key inside my top box… with her mobile and handbag inside…cue quick blat to the office (bond st.) get the pilers out and crack open the top box…big sigh of relief…

Now does anyone know how to get half a key out of a lock/pick a lock/smash the **** out of a lock so I can get the topbox off my bike???

Well Good morning & thanks for a ‘FAB’ night

Massive thanks for the balloons(great fun on a packed tube :crazy, the microphone (testing 1,2 1,2), the cake and everlasting candles (I must have a big blow), the bucket loads of champagne (sheer heaven) and most importantly your company - you are a brilliant bunch of people I can’t thank you enough

Some great pics on there way - going into work especially to do it

happy bday debz hope was a great one

happy birthday again toyou!!! now im mad that i missed it

Looks like a great night

Happy birthday


happy Birthday Debz xxxxx, glad you enjoyed the night.

Sorry i had to work and miss it


That was one of the best nights out I’ve had in ages - wigs n’ all!

Thanks for organising all that GP - job well done!

Look here

Glad everyone had a good night - especially Debz - but please don’t forget about Madscientist who found the deal for the restaurant and sorted out the cake!

So big thanks to Madscientist - without her it’d probably have been a McDonalds Happy Meal and entertainment from a scarey ginger bloke and not forgetting Ronald McDonald

Can’t wait to see more pics!

And as a special request from Elad - the next night out will be a karaoke bar (Debz, I think he was taken with our lovely singing )