Maybe I’m not easily shocked but I thought most of that was ok. The rider obviously knows the roads well and the weather conditions are good! If you’re not going to take advantage of being able to fit through small gaps and filter/overtake, might as well use a car

Or maybe I’ve been out riding with the LB loonies too many times (too many loonies to mention, lol) .

Now that couldn`t of been an Aprillia, it never broke down once.

Exactly, it’s just obvious ride to work. This overtaking is bad move but come on… You guyz are more faster and nutter that this guy on Aprilia isn’t?

Seeing that i`m an I.A.M member i have to condone his riding, as it was dangerous and irratic.

But atleast he had fun and that`s what it is all about.

Poor bike, he didn’t warm it up before wanging it, and it’s a two-stroke! This is why you can’t find any RS250’s in good condition As for the style of riding; everyone rides differently. I wouldn’t overtake like that on junctions personally, I’ve seen what goes wrong when doing this, all too often.

I watch video like this and am sooooo thankful to live someplace that has plenty of wide open spaces and uncongested roads…so I don’t have to resort to this kind of thing for “fun.”

To each his or her own…but…I can’t believe that the odds can be anywhere close to in your favor if you ride in traffic…like that…very often. Just a matter of time it would seem…

Just a little too fast in some places, would be interesting if he timed his run in two ways, total nutter like he was there, and then still filtering, etc but about 10mph less. I have found that traffic lights seem to change the time getting into work than any speed riding…

Yeah…The trick is to arrive at as many lights as possible as they are changing to green…There’s a way to do this to catch the phasing of the lights, but it does mean blasting through some at way above the speed limit to arrive at others appropriately

not walming it up… thats just what i was thinking riding was faily normal

but poor lil 2 stroke…

turned it off halfway through boring couriers ride faster than that all day.

On your Dylan!!!

Couldn’t agree more from a “damm good razz” persepctive, but hitting the lights just as they go green is THE recipe for disaster in my experience.
You’re movin quick, the lights just going red/yellow together and you go “sort of ahead of time” which is PRECISELY the worst time to go cos the idiot whose leaping the RED way too late is going at exactly that time.
He’s rushing to get over the light cos he knows full well he jumped it. So he’s goin quick to escape being caught and you’re accelearting…physically speaking the WORST road combination possible and the hardest one to brake in…inertia means you’re all backwards from where you need to be to chuck out the anchor… and he’s not watching the road, otherwise he wouldn’t be leaping red lights now would he?

I’d go along with Toby on that, the amount of arses I come across jumping red-lights is driving me mad lately. I’m also concerned by the slowing pace of couriers I come across in London. Most of them are just wobbling along. Have all the die-hards gone to Ibiza for the winter or something?

i would have had it up on the bike wheel …pussy


im sure we have all driven/ridden too fast and in the wrong places before, but this guy is a ****. anyone walking to cross the road between cars is a gonna, and this guy wont last long riding like that in that area!

yeah ummm thats what i meant ;o)