Does what it says on the tin really.

can we widen this to driving a fake mini or new beetle with the top down, even with no music?

I noticed one of my windscreen washers was a bit wonky and I had accidently sprayed the pillock in the convertable next to me playing his music at full volume. Ooops.

That was a while ago, I havnt seem to get around to changing it;)

hell yes.

and let’s just ban bad music alltogether

and religion

and chavs


…what about for sitting in the traffic jams of central London in a bright green Caterham supersports, wearing a 3 piece suit? Uncool on many levels methinks.:slight_smile:

You’ve got windscreen washers on your bike? :w00t: :stuck_out_tongue:

If you can hear the music you need LOUDER CANS :smiley:

Heck yes, string em up! :smiley:


I endorse Chunky’s LOUDER CANS.

The Scorpion on the old street moto was brilliant for pulling alongside an open car window, dropping a gear and keeping station.*

The bigger problem I found was missing their wing mirror with my elbow when they didn’t take the hint.


  • Worked a dream for people on hand held phones too.