deas for a new zorst

I want to fit a new exhaust onto my bike, but the only exhaust company that mentions my bike is Fuel. However, my bike is really suited to a stubby end can, and fuel’s one is 40cm long.
I would also like it to have a removable baffle (so it can still be road legal).
Also, my bike has the downpipes going down to a collector box, then the end can, all as one piece, does this mean I would need to get a full system?

as far as i know you can put any zort you want as long as you find a link pipe that fits :wink:

What is the make and model of the bike?

With more information, people might be able to help you better.

with the right tools pretty much anything can be made to fit, whether it will work properly is another matter, some dyno time might be worthwhile after you have a new system or can fitted.

It says Honda Bros 400 in the title. :slight_smile:

Actually, it’s in the description :wink:

G wasnt paying attention but he is selling leathers by the way! :w00t:

He always likes to be a smart arse. If he was as clever as he makes out you whould think he could get a job.

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Yea, my bad for not reading the description. Leathers still for sale :wink:

I’m not the only one mate.

Sorry, but what the **** has getting a job got to do with being ‘clever’? Doesn’t matter now in any case.

PS. sorry for the thread hijack Boris - good luck with the exhaust having looked at it, you might be better off finding someone to make something custom for you, there are a few people on here that do it.

Sorry to interupt the flame war ladies.

Laser “used” to make an end can for the Bros’s that was very similar to the original, they do come up on ebay so keep an eye out.

Seen a few of the fuel exhausts on Bros’s and they look OK. I’ve also seen a very very short can that was actually under the bike.

Look here loads of threads on exhausts and there’s quite a few UK people on it. From memory its a bloke from Bethnal green thats got the bros with the underslung exhaust (collector removed) maybe he’ll read this and speak up.

Anyway enjoy the bros, loved mine until it died on me. Must drag it out of the garage to have a go at fixing it one day.

thanks, ive seen the lazer one somewhere on the internet, but cant find someone selling atm.
who brothers make one for the 650, which i gather would fit onto the 400.
Can anyone confirm this, also do two brothers sell in the uk?