DEAR SANTA.............Please can i have

both of these …




Flliping Hill mate! Now you have destroyed my xmas… As soon as Santa get into my house without one of those I will loose my mind!!! I want one! No! Two …

LOL i know the feeling, if he ain’t got these when he comes down the…errr…
radiator(no chminy!!) he can turn round and not come back till he has got em…

The gold one does it for me! Wow, nice bikes.

Yes i have to agree that the gold cafe racer does look the best… still want
both of them though !!

Any idea of prices on that? Only to know though…lol

Retail at around £11.500 for the cafe racer

Sorry not my cup of chai in the looks department esp the front end looks very scooter like but i reserve full judgement till i see it in flesh. Hope its at the Ally Pally show.

Feck… I wan’t both of them too!!! How tasty are they??? Dribble… Dribble…

Hands off foxy there mine…

Mmmmm… I believe that’s fighting talk Njs!!!

I took a Benelli TNT (obviously not one of these bueaties) out for a spin once and didn’t like it. The geometry and suspension felt awesoem but didn’t like the engine at all…


njs check your personal message box please
and nice accessories

Na not my cup of rosie I’m afraid but at least i’ll be able to get a ringside seat of you fighting over 'em!
My fav bike ever was the Aprilla Blue Marlin, but they never released the *******s. I’d have sold my soul for one of them

Ringside seat…that will be £5 please…We might be on to an earner here foxy!!! LB FIGHT CLUB

The rules of LB FIGHT CLUB are…there are no rules !!!

Ahh yes, the Blue Marlin. What ever happened to that beauty??

Thanks for the memory.

Anyone got a pic of the blue marlin, i have never seen or heard of it

It was a concept / prototype bike that Aprilia were going to make. Think it kinda turned into the Tuono if memory serves me right.

A picture could be hard to come by.

Oh hang on, Google to the rescue

Check out the story

Njs, I don’t do handbags!!! I’m no ordinary girl… LB FIGHT CLUB… What a great idea!!! Mmmmm you got me thinking now!!!

Looks like we might have to settle this one on the mini moto track dude!!!