Dead Space

For those of you who are fans of the sci-fi / horror genre, check out this game that will scare the wimpering **** out of you:

Best played at night with the lights out :w00t:

Played the demo recently - very atmospheric, especially with the lights out! :w00t:

Who needs a horror film with games like this!?

Looks good but I heard the control systems a bit doo-lalley?

Don’t know about the console versions but the controls on the PC version are great… and so are the graphics! Very sharp and fluid on my system.

The main problems with the controls is that you’ll drop them on the floor when something jumps on your head :w00t::w00t::w00t:

i agree, the demo was fun but its no COD

It will be OK once I get into it (PC version only £14 in Tesco right now) but I really don’t like the over the shoulder view and the inability to save when you want to. Also it seems very scripted but that may only be the first part of the game. Time will tell.