Daytime run to Brighton on 15th

I’m going visiting my son in Brighton this Wednesday (want to show off my bike) and wondered if anyone wants to come along for a gentle bimble. I’ll be leaving Guildford at about 9ish and have to be back by 3 for ‘mummy’ duties, but the rest of the day is unstructured apart from meeting my wee boy (I say “wee”, he’s well over 6 foot!) and I might even be able to persuade him to put the kettle on for us!

Warning: I’m a new rider, and on a cruiser not a sports bike. I don’t do overtaking on wiggly roads cos I don’t want to get squished, I tend to stick to the speed limit (most of the time! ) and I frequently get lost. Will also possibly be going along with another newly passed her test rider and I think she’s on a small bike as well so it might be a bit frustrating to the speed freaks as this won’t be anything like a race. But if you don’t mind those few limitations it could be fun as the weather’s supposed to be fairly reasonable on Wednesday.

what a good plan and i would love to any other day choccie but i also am visiting my son…or rather his headmaster

i hope the sun God shines down on you

Would love to but there’s a small problem called work

Ooer, Salee, what’s the little so-and-so done? Or am I being very unkind and you’re going to hear from the top man what a wonderful, model student your son is!

So far there will be 5 or 6 people going (from a couple of other sites I go on) so it’s fine for my first ride-out. Won’t be doing any properly organised system as it’s such a short ride, I’ve just made it plain to anyone who wants to come that two of us have only just passed our tests so won’t be hooning down as fast as poss.

Had a long MSN chat with my wee boy yesterday, talking about what gear he’ll need once he’s done his CBT and gets my little bike. I mentioned he should get some leather so he’s been browsing on e-bay to see what style he’d go for, currently smitten by a Red Bull jacket. Obviously a helmet and gloves, though I’ve said he should also get leather trousers “just in case” and something waterproof to go over the top for when it gets soggy out there. And I can bet he’ll be looking for a bit of assistance for his purchases, so failing my DAS first time is proving to be a LOT more expensive than I expected, what with buying the bike, servicing it and now kitting out my offspring… Ho hum, guess mummy’s just a soft touch. Problem is, he knows it!