Day trip to Devon :(

Back to Devon tomoz, another day trip there - 500 mile round trip. At least its gonna be good weather, just pissed off with doing the journey - I used to enjoy it as was usually the start of a holiday, now its a chore - hopefully this will be the last time for sometime, so will be free to enjoy some rideouts!

Don’t envy you that. I go down to Bideford to see my sis a few times a year and from here I can either take the long but pretty route along the coast and up or the quick and boring motorway route. Both now bore me, but at least I’m on a bike!!

Did a roundtrip to Haverfordwest yesterday…M4 all the way, short stint on the A48 and then A40 all the way into the town…dropped my m8 and her stuff off, had a pee and headed home. Roughly 8-9 hrs or so in the cage…aching? I was in agony…would have been better on the bike doing the nice roads around Scotland over the same amount of miles.