Has any body got any information or let me know where I can get details on ‘Day MOT’S.’

Looking into track bike options. Cheers!!

As long as your bike would pass a standard MOT in terms of things like brake pads in good condition, bearings good, tyres road legal and good tread etc, you need:



Sidestand (for practicality)

and learning hand signals in place of indicators helps…

I have a mate that does them if you want one :wink: He is away at the moment, but when he gets back, I could put you in touch!? :slight_smile:

Cheers for the info PPG. Do you know if it runs on set day time hours or just when the sun goes down?
So I can design my rear brake light and number plate to clip off for when I get to the track.:smiley:

I will PM you his number :slight_smile: