Davids R1

Totally agree with Jay on this. My r6 was always parked in the street, (no-where else to park it), with a cover on, locked to a lamp post and alarmed. I stayed lucky for almost 2 and a half years, it was 5 years old but in good nick and it went walkies during the night, (I have now been told that yet another neighbour watched this happen and did nothing), I don’t expect to ever see it again.

I wouldnt wish that experience on anyone (except theives). It is not nice

Would just like to say thanks to Alex (kao5) who spotted some guys behaving suspiciously with an R1 similar to mine and called the police to get it checked out. Don’t know if it was mine or not but thanks anyway mate.

Would also just like to ask everyone to keep an eye open for the bike when you’re out and about at bike meets etc. Distinguishing features are:

  1. Blue/silver '05 only colour scheme (not very common)
  2. Pyramid smoked double bubble screen
  3. Goodridge braided hoses ON THE FRONT ONLY (I believe this is quite rare as the back is normally done too)
  4. Titanium akrapovic exhausts with link pipe (does not have cat)
  5. Small scuff (2cms x 2cms) down to the black plastic on front left of fairing, near the top of the headlight from when I was knocked off
  6. Scratches on right of the tailpiece also from when I was knocked off
  7. R&Gs on right hand side will be ripped up a little as well (but only slightly)
  8. Aftermarket numberplate bracket (very thin, not the R&G one)
  9. Yamah swingarm bobbins (silver, with a yamaha tuning fork logo on the side)


No one would want to steal this heap !

Actually, I am a bit worried now… then again why should I ride a crummy bike just cos there are crims about? guess I just gotta take the chance… sigh…