Davids R1

If anyone sees David soon could you forward this onto him or tell him to check his PM’s.

A friend of mine who lives just off the Allenby Road in Greenford was approached near his home the other night by a groupe of black guys who were eyeing his bike up outside the shops. These guys have told him that they steal motorbikes and were bragging that they stole a Yamaha R1 a couple of months ago and that the police have taken the bike off them. I don’t know if this is the same bike or not but its worth a go.

So if you see David ask him to phone the police as they might have his bike.

I’ve also asked my friend to keep an eye out and to see if they have a dark coloured ZX6/9R just incase it is these people who have been attacking and stealing peoples bikes.

Be careful guys.

Davids replied to the PM.

What the hell are they doing walking around the streets if the police took a bike off them? Shouldn’t they be locked up? I know it’s probably a stooopid assumption these days

David, here’s hoping they have your bike

but what kind of state is the bike going to be in?

i had a bike stolen a few years ago and even when i found out of my own back where it was, the police wouldnt help me to recover it, i had to get a van with my old man and collect it myself

and there wasnt much left of it i can tell you

I wouldn’t want any bike that I’d owned back, had it been stolen, you don’t know what they’ve done to it. I hope these morons were just bragging and there’s no substance to the story. Jeesh.

Certainly wouldnt want one back again, last SV that got stolen all I got back was the frame and engine the rest had been stripped.


Well, I went to the police station last night and…

It was closed

http://www.met.police.uk/ealing says it’s open from at least 0700 to 2200.

A stern email shall be sent I think.

I agree with Jay, not sure if I really want it back now, and I too hope they were just bragging yoofs with no clue but it’s always best to check. I would hope that if the Police had confiscated the bike they would have runa VIN/Engine number check and contacted me already but who knows?

think no one wants his stolen bike back. think the thieves dismantled the bike and sold it in parts or still sell it. (this is what the feckers here in germany do - you can find parts of your bike at e-bay).

think they were bragging show-offs. no “serious” thief is telling other people what he is doing…

Its true Marco - once saw some hoodies in the estate I lived in in Kings X with a spanking new R1…went home watched Eastenders and came out again, saw the frame and wheels of an R1 in the dustbin shed! Aparently, one of them wheeled it into his mums kitchen, stripped the fairing and accessories and chucked it again within 45 miniutes!

If mine ever went <touch wood, touch wood, touch wood> I dont think I’d like to see it again. Even if the crashed it and it was repairable, it’d never be the same again - may as well start fresh. Swine that they are…

Well, you could think of it this way, if it did come back, in whatever shape, you could make some money selling pieces on eBay.

Good old FleaBay…Im on there most days picking up bit from guys in that position, bloody gutting to be the one rippping the last bits of value from the beloved! : ( Bit like pulling a plaster off slowly…!
Ride Greenford/Wembely/Harrow every day and have been telling everyone I know to stay peeled, but as with the kids in Kings X, reckon its either been stripped or been changed by now. Grr!

The amount of times I ended up running down the road, baseball bat in hand at 1 in the morning defending my (then) beloved Gilera was ridiculous. Had to square up to 6 hoodies, lock and chain in hand, outside the offy just last night. Its like your’e not allowed to work for something nice and be allowed to enjoy it without some pikey little fecker thinking its fair game.

Maybe fruitless, but still keeping an eye out in the areas tho…heart goes out to David. This was just some next level theft, been watching my back since.

When mine was stolen it must have been to order, the only two bikes in the area that were stolen that night were my SVS and a fire blade. Mine was chained to a telegraph pole in the road outside the house and the fireblade was in someones garden round the corner. There were at least 10 bikes between the two that were less secure and these were the only two that were stolen. Both our engines and frames turned up in Ockley, near the “mucky duck” for those of you who frequent Boxhill. Police offered to return it to me but the cost was rather expensive so a friend of mine picked it up for me in his van. Should have taken a few more bits off than I did before the insurence assessor came round but thats now history.


Yeah, funny that… the ‘Mucky Duck’ seems to crop up in most conversations I have about stolen bikes.

Yes, WTF is that about ?? Ockley is almost the most expensive place to live in the UK, it has the highest number of ex high court judges living there and a well known biker pub . . . . so why dump - presumably with some DNA left on them - stolen bike frames there ?? it is not exactly the Aylesbury estate round there… is it done there just to taunt bikers ? a gang of rich kids/retired high court judges gone bad ? [happens all the time] or is it just that some prolific scumbag has got a lock up round the corner ?

I think its an easy drop off from the M25 with links to most motorways North and west. unless as you say some scumbag has a lockup round that way. But the copper who rang me seemed to know a lot of remains are dumped there so why the f**k dont they stake it out once in a while especially as most bikes seem to go missing on a Friday night.


Yes, but there are a million and one other places with dark corners, near motorway links, this seems to come up far too regularly . . . . . is it one particular spot we are talking about - like the A3 layby or is it in lanes around there ?

If it is the layby it is not the worst place to have a stakeout, hell, you might even get Stan Collymore or Steve McFadden’s autograph - it’s a well known dogging location. . . thinking about it though, it may be a waste of time, the stakeout team would be far too likely to end up watching the action on the bonnet of some jag to spot 3 pikeys, 1 transit and a dumped bike frame . . .

Christ ! Where do you people live ?!!.. I live in South West London (Putney), have a relatively tricked up K5 Gixxer-6 that I leave outside. Also gets parked outside when I got to work (although there is a 749, 600RR, and an 05 Kwak 600 parked in the same bay)… I still seem to have the bike 3 months later (touch wood… )… and no one ever bothers me about it, like no “Nice bike” type comments. Then again maybe Suck-zukis aren’t in such high demand !.. (I had a 2001 R6 before that and it did the same for about a year, my vfr400 doesn’t count… no one would of wanted to steal that !)

Tex, hate to say it but a K5 left in a London street IS a statistic waiting to happen. Scum just cannot resist the lure of a half decent unattended bike in the capital. Once they’ve clocked it, it seems its just a matter of time. You been lucky so far. I hope your good fortune continues.

I agree, Tex, I wouldn’t gamble with several thousand pounds worth of pride & joy like that. It’s sheer chance whether or not a thief spots it or not. Man, if you’d been through the experience of a theft, no way would you leave it exposed. My advice is to get it out of view somehow. I had to have something built at my home for this purpose.