Davida Vacuum Gauges / Throttle Synching ZX6R B1H

I bought a set of Davida vacuum gauges to balance the throttle bodies on my ZX6R B1H. Problem is, the rubber tubes that come off the gauges don’t fit very snuggly over the brass take offs on the back of my throttle bodies.

I’m assuming I need to get a nice tight fit to get a proper reading…any suggestions? Davida don’t seem to do smaller internal diameter tubes. Anyone got any experience of this? Would some tape wrapped around the take offs to make them a bit wider do?

i’d say some tape to thicken up the brass take offs would do - that said, if they all ‘leak’ the same amount you’ll still get a consistent balance across the 4 cylinders.

Or get some washer hose from halfords and use that as a bridge off the TB’s then jam it in the gauges

Great, thanks!

Don’t use electrical insulation tape , it may work but ptfe ( plumbers tape) is better .
Even better tho is some heat shrink tubing from halfords or the like, pop an overlength piece of the nearest diameter available over the spiggot ( brass piece ) shrink it with a heat gun or hair dryer then trim off the excess . if its still not thick enough repeat the operation .

isn’t the b1h injection?

Sure is…

I’ll hazard a guess you’re thinking it doesn’t need balanced right?

Do you need to balance injectors then?


Throttle bodies.

Apparently so according to Mr. Haynes.

If the throttle bodies aren’t propoerly balanced it can cause increased fuel consumption, idling problems, increased vibration and the engine to run hotter than it should…

I’m a sucker for following the manual religiously, but I’m particularly interested to see if this makes any noticable difference.

Yes they still have to run in sync. :slight_smile: