Datatool S4 Cat1 RED used wiring

Hello everyone,

I’m new to the forum. I wondered if anyone could help?

I just got a **Datatool S4 Cat1 Red ** off eBay. I plan to install on my ZX636 but the only problem is that because the alarm is secondhand the colour tags on the wires are cut off and are now all BLACK, so it’s hard to figure what goes to where. I have the wiring diagram and installation guide. But I’m still stuck. If anyone has the pinout info or advice on how to go about this I would appreciate any tips. Before any says I aready know about the insurance issue if not installed by approved Datatool installer etc, but I’m putting on my bike mailny for my own piece of mind rather than for insurance purposes. My main security is my Almax III chain! One option is to get a whole new loom for the alarm. If someone knows another way …this will save me the expense of forking out more cash.

Maybe best to PM, as I understand the nature of my question and info could get into the wrong hand



Anyone got any advice on how to install on the ZX636 04? I know alls the functions of what the coloured wires do, but any tips on specifically wiring it up to this bike would be helpful.