datatool fault

Hi, I’ve come to this forum to get advice regarding myveto plus datatool alarm. I have it fitted to my 916 and its regularly been a pain but i’ve lived with it. I have in the past had to change to the board and fobs and all was well again. In the recent heavy rain i was forced to use the bike and a constant beep on the way home in the early hours should of prompted me to investigate further. three or four days later i went to disarm the old thing and nothing. not deterred i investigated further. it was when i poured the water from the alarm case. it was clear at that point what the problem may be. the pcb in crackered. does anyone know a pcb repair type person who would be able to order and fit a few bits? or aware of a fresh, new/old pcb and fob? i really want the curse out of the bike and revert to ma-husive chain for work security. any advice ref overide. i have the board here and will add a picture if anyone needs a closer look. i do have a board on order from the bay but that fella has misplaced the fob.
to add to my woes i’m due to go to scotland next friday for a few miles of riding…at the moment its a long push from Norfolk. Any help or direction really appreciated. cheers Andy B