datatool demon alarm

any1 had 1 of these on there bike etc?:

was recommended by a m8 and easy to fit, just 2 conatacts to battery etc.

i just want something that makes noise if bike moved tried to nick etc.

Cheers, John

Hi John, just bought and fitted this Alarm, i find it ok apart from when you set the Alarm. I dont know if its a problem with my Alarm, only you can hardly hear the bleep when you set it, is yours the same.


i not picked 1 up yet m8, was waiting for some1 to et me know wot there like, lol.

where you based m8? wouldnt mind a peek.

where did you guy yours from m8, will get to ordering 1 this week but if there is anywhere i can go pick 1 up from that will b eebtter, lol

Considered the Cyclone V2 or the advanced one?

To connect it up its only 4 wires, 2 to battery and 2 to indicators. You don’t need to wire in the immobiliser if you don’t want.


On your recommendation a while ago I got the cyclone. Never got around to fitting it to my R6 before it was stolen.

I now have a Ninja that has a Meta ‘alarm’ in it. I say ‘alarm’ because it might just be an immobiliser. You can stick the key in the ignition and turn it but it wont start before pressing the fob…but no alarm goes off when you do this. Also, rock the bike back and forth and no alarm then either.

Would sticking two alarms in the bike be OK, or would they somehow conflict with each other, particularly if the immobiliser part of it were wired up on the cyclone?

got 1 on the bike and yes m8 the bleep is quiet, but not an issue for me though.must say i like the product, get it hid and will be ok, seeing as some of the better alarms get ripped off when bikes get nicked anyway. good thing about my bike the battery aint easy to get to.