Datatool 3 Alarm Fuse

Hi All,Bought my bike 2nd hand and it came with the alarm, but no instructions or accesories other than key-fob.

Having read the Datatool 3 Alarm/Immobiliser instructions which I got off the net, it stastes that I must always have a spare fuse cause if it blows you’re stranded.

I’ve researched the net to buy a spare but no luck. No info on the Datatool website either.

I emailed Datatool but they haven’t replied in two weeks.

Any chance you know which one I need to get and the shop/website to get it from?

Thanks in advance.


Its just the normal 10a red fuse dude, I have loads, Send me your address il post you a couple.

Joe :smiley:

cheers mate.

already ordered some from ebay :smiley: