DAS passed

Well, the last three days hae been awesome! And miserable! Started my course on monday and got set for rain, lots of rain - thank god for waterproofs. Myself n a nother lad who’s never ridden anything bigger than a bycicle and the instructor, pootling about on CBF500’s. What a laugh! Back roads A roads B roads the bike is awesome for beginners or someone who hasnt been on anything bigger than a 125 in 10 years! Brings back the fun of back roads at legal speeds. Did my test yesterday down in Farnborough in the pissing rain, my glasses all steamed up and stupid ss learner drivers everywhere! Ended up in a traffic jam cause two of the afore mentioned twats decided to see if they could interlock their bumpers on a roundabout leading to the A331! Examiner then decided to pause the test and get passed all the tin cans quickly and took the lead. Hehe what fun we had. Anyway did the test and passe with two minors both for balance (bl**dy potholes n puddles) and now Im looking for something a lil bigger. Taking the Ls off in a bit (I wish that made the bike faster but sadly it doesnt :D)


Well done to you :w00t:

I passed my DAS last December, got my CBR600F a week later and haven’t looked back, I love it. As for what bike to go for, just go for what you like the look of and feel comfortable on because at the end of the day that’s all that matters for your 1st bike, happy hunting :slight_smile:

Congratulations. Take it easy on the road mate, and enjoy the freedom.

mucho congrats, well done! :smiley:

Great feeling isn’t it! Congratulations and enjoy the search for a bigger bike. At least you can ditch the L’s now though!

Nice one !!!