DAS is booked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

finally I have my test booked in, a three day course starting on the 28th of April at Advantage in Wimledon. Did my cbt with them so know them a lil. Finally after 14 years I will be legally allowed to ride a big bike!!! Thank you to my gorgeous missus (banker) :smiley:

good luck for the DAS!

Did mine on 12th March, picked my big bike up a week ago today (and it’s rained every day since!) :slight_smile:

Good luck with it mate:D

Now, get out and start practicing your u-turns:P

u turns? was that?!!! lol its my blo omin life savers n putting the left foot down that gets me

Good luck !!

good luck hun… so there wasn’t a big waiting list. good to know!
all the best!! surely u’ll do fine


Cheers all, cant wait to be finally legal ;). nah one space left with advantage and its only a 3 day wich is all the time iv got. bring on the GV650, or was it the BANDIT 650, or the SV or Hornet or… argh!!! Its so easy on a 125, now I have to decide wich I really like.