Danny Kent should have eaten at a Chicken Shop

What a twat, he had a chance to get back into racing and fucked it up.

What an idiot.

What a muppet

A decision he will regret for the rest of his life.

For Sale: Danny Kent replica helmet… :frowning:

BBC news reports that “He admitted having the kitchen knife…which had a 6in blade”. His defence being “he had the knife in his pocket but it was not for any improper purpose - he uses it to open boxes in connection with his work.”

What work would that be and why would he think the 63 year old man was assaulting his brother, it must have been clear to him his brother was assaulting the old man.

What a brave pair the Kent’s are, with all the knife crime I hear about around London I can’t believe the magistrates didn’t give the pair of them a custodial sentence.