Dan Wesson C02 pistol


I am selling a Dan Wesson "6 C02 pistol. The pistol is brand new comes in a box and includes a rail mount for scope/lazer, a quick loader, 6 C02 canisters, over 1000 steel .177 ball barring.

The Dan wesson design differs from normal C02 weapons because it uses 6 steel cartridges to give the look and feel of using a real gun.

The gun is nickel plated, comes with unique serial number. It shoots at 426fps and is ideal for target practice. The gun is solid metal and comes with a comfortable hard plastic grip. This gun is not soft air and should never be used to shoot anyone.

This gun is legal to use in the UK, however you cannot carry it in public places without reason and should never carry it loaded.

Fully boxed, with C02, pellets and rail mount.

£150. Free delivery, would rather deliver in person than use post. Cash on collection or delivery. Only for people aged 17 and over.

Gun comes with 12 month warranty.

If I were you I would paint it bright purple so as not to contravene the slightly ridiculous laws we have concerning the sale of imitation firearms :hehe:

This gun doesn’t need to be coloured in. It isn’t an airsoft gun nor is it a replica. It does not need to be coloured in like airsoft guns and replica weapons.

if police ever saw you with that they’d shoot you on site - looks seriously real.

This site is doing the bigger 8" version for £102