Dan Walker Accident

Big debate here around the percentage of fault on each side. We’re thinking Walker is mostly to blame as he swings quickly across the lane. 51%, 75%? What does everything think?

I’m not allowed to add the camera footage from Twitter.

I’m thinking “I have no idea what you’re talking about…”


He got hit from behind while going round a roundabout so the car is at fault.

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Reference to this

The only thing I would add is it was the driver’s fault, don’t let them off the hook by personifying the vehicle. A driver didn’t look, a driver drove into the back of another road user.

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I think he’s talking about Dan Walker

First time i’ve seen the video
100% the drivers fault.
The cyclist is in the same lane for the whole video, the driver tries to exit the roundabout from the (wrong) inside lane, changes lane without indicating or looking properly and drives into the back of the cyclist.

People turning off roundabouts from the inside lane by swerving across the outside lane drive me mad, i saw a biker wiped out in the same way on a motorway junction roundabout last year.

Also, looking at it again, i think the cyclist swerved slighty right (entirely within his lane) because the driver on his outside pulled across him as well! Green line is the ‘other’ car, red is the cyclist, yellow is the driver at fault.

This is the roundabout for anyone who doesn’t know it

Hanover Way


Is Dan Baker the cyclist?

For my two penn’orth - The car changed lanes and cut in on the cyclist therefore the only possible outcome here is that the car driver is 100% at fault and should put their hand up accordingly, can’t see how anyone could attribute fault in any other way.

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From that clip it looks like he stays pretty much dead centre in his lane, it’s the car driver that goes from the inside lane to the middle one (presumably to fit into the outer of two lanes coming off the roundabout) and clips him.

Seems pretty clear cut 100% fault to the car driver

Happens all the bloody time, especially where lines on roundabout are faded (not the case here) and drives me mad…

Dan Walker is the cyclist

Same as everyone else! 100% drivers fault there.

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Must say pet peeve of mine are drivers (sometimes riders) who head for the outside lane of of a roundabout every time (to shorten the distance or because they feel it’s the “fast” lane where hot-shots like them belong?) even when they are coming off at the next exit. then the inevitable sawing across middle and inside lanes to get to their exit. Motorcycle riders can get away with it (mostly) due to their acceleration speed and flickability but Range Rovers, Audi Q-somethings, BMW X-something barges? … Hiss boo

I just can’t see it the way you guys do. I see the cyclist swinging across the lane into the path of the car.

The cyclist is in lane 2 and remains in lane 2. The car changes lanes from lane 3 into lane 2 and cuts across the cyclist. Clearly 100% the car drivers fault and they should put their hand up t it.


Cyclist clearly stays in the centre of his lane the whole time and the driver completely ignores the fact he’s there and changes lane. It’s 100% on the driver.

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Look at the google streetview image above.
The roundabout has 3 lanes:

  • outside lane, left turn only, the car in it turns left
  • middle lane, left or straight on, the cyclist in it tries to turn left (into the second lane of the road)
    -Inside lane, straight on or right, driver attempts to turn left by changing lanes over the top of the cyclist.

Of the three vehicles, the bike is the only one who doesn’t cross the line into another lane.
I can’t work out why you think the cyclist ‘swings across the lane’ - look at the white lines on the road and show me where the cyclist crosses into the other lane.

Either way cyclist is lead vehicle of the two. You can’t try to overtake and change direction at the same time. Car driver at fault.

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yeah, all the normal comments I’ve seen that’re blaming the cyclist cite things like hi-viz or his even being on the roundabout at all. That’s the first time I’ve seen anyone suggest he’s cutting the car up!

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Yes, many suggesting he should have been on the underpass.

This underpass :roll_eyes:

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You also need to know that this very subtle entrance is the way into it with no indication of where the cycle lane goes to (i would assume it was going to the supermarket)

The underpass is not a bad bit of infrastructure to be fair but because it isn’t joined up, you need to know where to join/leave the road and the cycle lane going against the one way road has disaster written all over it as well.