damn chain, damn sprockets, damn motrax chain breaker, damn damn damn

Damn and blast it… managed to find a chain breaker, seemed reasonable enough and I’m sure in the sterile environment of a college it would work - but not on my bloody chain. I can not get the links out.

To add insult to injury I also can’t get the bloody nuts off the rear sprocket to change it… so I’m now stuck with my bike just outside the garage with the back wheel off in bits, the chain bent, and the front sprocket half off.

Tomorrow morning I shall rise, go to machine mart, buy an angle grinder, and a compressor with an air impact wrench and it will all work damn it! How much pressure can a compressor put on a nut? This looks like it’ll do the work… the nuts are 19mm


will this compressor be powerful enough?


and will this grinder do the job?


I’ve really enjoyed doing the mechanics course at Merton - on nice clean easy bikes - and my aerospace BTEC is very handy for working on pristine jet engines… but a real bike is a dog.



Soak the bolts over night in some easing oil etc… - you know that already but bound to have some effect if left over night…

If not I can see the post now…

Anyone got any ideas for getting some rounded off bolts off my back wheel…

Well, to pre-empt that question…you get the next size down 6-sided socket, and hit it on with a hammer, and then turn!


bolts are dripping in penetrating oil as we speak… rounded bolts… please don’t wish that on me! Good advice mole :slight_smile:


Would an 18" breaker bar £12 from Machine Mart be better than what you’re using and a whole lot cheaper than what you suggest?


Good luck Matt! I see the compressor your looking at has a 1.5hp motor, it may well be worth investing a little bit more. I have a 2hp compressor, and there are some tools that are not suitable for motors less than 3hp, I refer to a sand blast gun that I had my eye on, wish I had got a bigger motor, having said that for most applications it is fine, am sure for the wrench etc it will be good. The compressor is the best piece of equipment I have bought!

That’s cool - thanks guys :slight_smile:

I’ve got an 18’’ breaker bar… it’s not shifting… and it wouldn’t help get the chain off - but it would save me loads on the compressor - tbh - I’ve had my eye on one for a while now and this is as good an excuse as any :wink:


My compressor is 30cfm with two 3hp motors & I regularly have to resort to what Stu suggests

Take the strain, sometimes with a scaffold pole too and a short sharp shock with a hammer should do the trick

Yep go bigger with the compressor if you decide to get one

Bigger is best - thats why I ride a Busa

You are trying to split the chain at the chain break link aren’t you???(otherwise known as “the weakest link”)

Just put your breaker bar on the nut at 45 degree angle from the floor and stamp on it (the right way) or try tightening it a bit more then loosen it off (that surprisingly works well aswell)

tried the tightening thing - I’m hoping an overnight with penetrating oil all over them will help… I can deal with not getting the sprocket off - it’s the chain that’s really bugging me!