Damaged White tiger in Westminster.

Spread the word: https://twitter.com/brennig/status/1010165688303079424

“If you have a white Triumph Tiger motorcycle, which now is unrideable, it is because Margaret Beckett & her husband knocked it over then drove over it in their Range Rover [Thu 14 June] on a side street off Horseferry Road in Westminster.”

That’s the labour government for you.

The government are Conservative.

I don’t think any manifesto was to knock bikes over and drive off, can’t see how this is related to party politics

An insight into the integrity of our MPs

Poor driving is an integrity issue?

No, but driving away from the aftermath of your crappy driving without leaving details (which is what is implied happened) is.

Lol you know what I was getting at…

Doesn’t say that at all though does it?

Interesting that other than this one tweet there doesn’t seem to be any mention of it. Surely if there was any basis to it, particularly if they’d driven off the daily wail would be all over it ?

Well it certainly does sound fishy… I could have believed it more easily if it wasn’t for the whole ‘drove over it’ bit.

Also, if this guy is so incensed and saw it, surely he would have taken a pic of the bike?

He does seem to be a bit of a fan of a tweet about politicians…

Could still be true but the truth could be something very different. For example the car bumped the bike, knocking it over and didn’t realise it had.

Generally without sources or more proof a tweet is about as reliable as a Govia Thameslink train…

Thanks @me_groovy. It’s my bike and I can confirm: the bike was knocked over and then driven over while parked in a bike bay in little college street. Thank god an eye witness came forward as I was stood there with my head in my hands, thank god that as an mp she has a public email address as she hadn’t reported it to either the police or her insurance within the 48 hours it took me to get hold of her. The bike is a write off and the police are investigating.

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Hey @pigbunk ,

Pleased to see it is sort of in hand. Can only imagine the frustration when returning but at least with the big brother state all is or should get sorted.

P.S. welcome to London bikers