Damaged GSXR 750 (Y, K1,2,3) All parts for sale


due to a recent crash I’m breaking up my 750, if anyone wants any parts let me know… The bike took a front-end smash but all from the headstock back is good. I live in north London so if anyone wants any parts, give me a shout… List (off top of my head)

Rear wheel/tyre

tail unit


seat/pillion seat



swing arm


grips, levers, clip ons

sub frame

rear shock

Lots more… If you want anything ask me, cheers. Good prices as I just want it gone. Cheers, 750FLYER

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Sorry to hear about your accident.
You should get some pictures and post it in “For sale” section.


Cheers matey, new to forum. I’ll look into it and thanks for your thoughts… was a close one :pinch:

Your welcome mate.Most important that it was not close enough to hurt you and this is good result! Bike is not a problem you get new one soon I guess :wink:


Few bruises… Actually got dragged under the lorry myself!! (lucky) But anyway… Track bike only for me now, there’s too many distracted cagers/truckers in London… And they do hurt a bit!! :stuck_out_tongue: