No not another late/lost delivery…

UPS van decided not to see my bike and reverse over it while performing a turn in the road.


But on the up side, they’ve admitted full liability, my insurers have sorted a van to pick up my bike, and bikers legal defence (you know that add on, you don’t need on insurance but they sell you anyway so they can get commission.) Have not stopped harassing me with lovely news.

No need to pay excess, we’ve recovered it already.
Where would you like your loan bike delivered?
Can we possibly sue them some more for you?

So far pretty painless. I’d say go for it unless you like arguing your own case.


I go hit by an Ocado Lorry in 2006 and they admitted full liability. The bike was repaired and back to me within 2 weeks and no quibble over any of the costs. (£2,800)

I can highly recommend them if you have an accident! :w00t:

Sorry. Are you recommending that if you have an incident, make sure it’s an Ocado lorry? (Or a UPS apparently.)

of course!!!

For when you need a new bike, aim for a large company owned fleet vehicle.