Dainese Jerico Gore-Tex Gloves - 50 Mile Review

Bought these on the weekend, did about 50 miles in them.

I was looking for something warm, durable and comfortable. These are Gore-Tex so they aren’t cheap and I couldn’t have justified the £130 price tag, but I got a big discount.

When you first put them on, they feel lovely, very comfy, feel very warm, very solid and look lovely. I haven’t completely worn them in yet, they are still a little stiff around the thumb area.

They are much better than my RST waterproof (not waterproof) gloves, I caught a little shower on Sunday and my hands were completely dry, my old RST gloves would have leaked straight through.

They are warmer than my RST gloves, however even though they are Gore-Tex and have a warmer inside liner they are still not warm enough to use by themselves, after 20 minutes of riding your hands will be cold, with the RST gloves my hands would have been freezing within 10 minutes.

So far I give them 4/5, I will update this once I have done more miles.

Overall, solid glove well built glove, easy to put them on and take them off.

I will probably invest in heated grips for longer journeys.

What happened next?:slight_smile:

I’ve had an older pair for a couple of years now and they’re really good as they offer more feel than most oven glove types of winter ones.

My hands still get very cold and I doubt there’s an unheated pair in the world which would stop them doing so eventually.

Quick update, done almost 150 miles in these gloves now.

They wore in by about 70 miles of use, feel much better now, very comfy, got caught in a downpour and they kept my hands dry. Not very warm but I don’t think any gloves by themselves are.

The build quality is second to none.

Highly recommend these.


Try a real review after 1000

I plan to. I will post pics of the condition they are in etc.

Can’t wait for the interim reviews every two weeks

Would recommend heated grips. Toasty hands make riding much more fun.

Rubbish with Gore-Tex gloves though, as the heated grips produce vapour when wet that gets through the membrane.

Admittedly warm and wet is better than cold and wet. …ehem. :Whistling: