Dainese Air Frame Mesh Jacket, L

Euro size 54 (L I believe). ~£130 new about 2-3 years back, probably used it about 20 times.

Great summer jacket, just in time for next year :wink:

Getting rid to downsize my bike gear collection and as I can’t fit dirt bike armour under it, it’s been relegated to the closet for about 2 years.

Never raced, rallied or crashed :smiley: - has some bug remnants on it but in great condition overall (no I’m not going to wash it, for the price that’s your problem, personally I like the used look!).

I believe BigRedS rocked one of these for a couple of years and it held up well…

Comes with shoulder and elbow / forearm armour inside, no back protector.

Yours for a generous donation to the London Air Ambulance, pickup from Mile End, the Bike Shed or Borough Market.

Damn, I’m going to buy one of those after the summer’s heat wave but unfortunately that’s way too big for me.

Bah. Well you won’t be disappointed :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh, can I try it on for size this week please? I can come to the Bike Shed or BM? I work just near St Pauls.

Yep, welcome to. WhatsApp me a reminder on Weds sometime and I’ll bring it down to BM…

Still got it; I’ve had it longer than the tiger (5 years?) as my every-day jacket and all I’ve had to do is replace the zip.

I’m tempted to get this but my vented jacket has been ok all this summer.
Plus if I go somewhere with Avi it’ll look a bit gay.

It already does

Don’t listen to him you’ll make a fabulous couple

Don’t fight it

Don’t worry, I’m thinking about supplementing it with one of those Adventure Spec jackets so I can match Ben.

Cool we can all match :heart_eyes:

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