D Two Nine / ltl_ally / Pyro playing with fire




nackers, won’t let me do it either

its going up on youtube since FB wont let me embed it


Nice going, must have been quite daunting the first time?

it is!
when i first did it i was proper bricking it. but they did sooooo well.
well dont guys :slight_smile:


wicked video guys :D:D:D

Well done firestarters! That explains Danie’s comment about the mouthful of sugar.
You’re obviuously a good teacher Ed :wink:

Nicely made vid as well!

Me and Frogga next.

danie will be moving up to paraffin soon!!!
i should charge for this :stuck_out_tongue:

LB Syncrhonised Firebreathing Team performances soon then:)

possibly… still might take a while…(i dont want anyone to have an accident)

That just means that im sh1t…

and before you know it she will be on the meths and then its onto the last resort .Thunderbird

charge!!! when you get the pleasure of telling the nubile females to take a mouthful of your special fluids but not to swallow and to then blow onto your burning hot wand …:stuck_out_tongue:

i didnt say that… i only said this cause danie was practising on how to spray the paraffin with water…
this was a statement. and i didnt see it as a compliment or as being offensive to anyone.

So this is how you do a BBQ eh? :w00t:

Looks like great fun … when are you bringing the show to the Ace? :smiley:

pulls up a chair and popcorn … this topic has potential …

I didn’t know this was on here, thanks Pyro, Ally blows a lot better than me anyway :smiley:
Much bigger puffs

Nice vids guys, love the lordy! ups too lol