Cyclists vs motorcyclist

Now I know how to deal with them

Another angle

That motorcyclist is an idiot… He deserves to be punched in the throat

There have been a few crashes involving motorbikes in bicycle races recently, including one where the rider was killed in France/Belgium a month ago.

I presume the rider in the clip above broke down/stalled?


in that case jump and push the bike as hard as you can to the side or at least put the warning lights on… oh well I guess the pressure got him

I did quite enjoy those

It kinda shows what cyclists are like, or the ones I see around town, there’s an obstacle in the way, do I slow down and look to see if it is safe to pass or just weave my way around as fast as I can without looking.

that describes all road users in London doesn’t it?

At that speed, in a bunch, they wouldn’t stand a chance of stopping anyway. The guys at the back wouldn’t know there was an obstacle until they were on top of it and if the guy at he front anchored on he’d just get everyone else running into him.

you wouldn’t really expect a motorbike in the middle of the road on a closed road criterium race either

This happened on a race you can’t compare to normal road use

I know and realise that and my comment was a sweeping generalisation of my experience of riding in town with town cyclists. I realise you wouldn’t expect an obstacle in the road but it could happen it could be a downed cyclist, I am surprised there is no early warning system to alert a chasing pack

The rule is never leave your corner. That is some committed corner marking right there. Looks like the rest of the ride out abandoned him and are already in the Eurotunnel.

in that case jump and push the bike as hard as you can to the side or at least put the warning lights on... oh well I guess the pressure got him WildBoy
There was literally 3 seconds between the stall and cyclists catching up with him. I assume he was also in gear. So, in 3 seconds he would have needed to find neutral (easier on some bikes than others), jump off the bike, and start pushing it while all the time looking behind him not to get in the way of the approaching cyclists, not to mention a second it would take him to make a decision to roll the bike, rather than try to start it again and ride away.

It is also questionable how much the hazard lights or pushing it would have helped, if at all.

That is just so fukin funny! Bloody hell larf my arse off! :joy::joy::joy::joy: