Cyclist wound you up today?

Then see how far you can punt 'em:

Beat my 1052 metres


996m on my first go.

beat mine then


my score.JPG

How do you do a screenshot ???


click on prt sc which means print screen on comp then open up in paint cut what you want out of it the click on new and paste it into the new one then save it as a jpeg

easy as 123

OK just found out ‘’ print screen’’ not working


I can`t get more than 1150m.

Doing it for real would be fun.

Someone did yesterday as we saw on our L-plate run. Not pretty, poor sod didn’t look very well and ambulances blue-lighted to him.

There, that make you feel better?

It does .

i got 474.6 as my best!!! but i am crap at them things

3rd go got 1312 - Must try harder

only managed to get 1115 but I did manage this a few times


_________Picture 1.png

Got a bit further and planted him in the process


______Picture 3.png