Cyclist causes crash in Germany, 20 people injured.

(It’s a matter of time until something like this happens in London. Enough, I say mandatory licencing for these ****** NOW!)


Bicyclists makes an error - 20 people hurt

Twenty people were hurt in a serious traffic accident involving two buses in Bonn town centre. A bus driver and a passenger suffered serious injuries. Traffic chaos ensued. At fault was a bicyclist.

Bonn - At both vehicles there was damage amounting to about 400.00 Euro (250.000 UK pounds), as police announced. Closing down the road caused total traffic chaos on one of the main nexuses of the city.

According to police, the accident was caused by a 64-year-old bicycle rider that illegaly rode right across the road despite a red light. In order to not to run over the man, the driver of a local transit bus had to lock up his brakes, causing a following bus to crash into the back of it at full speed.

The driver of the impacting bus was trapped in his vehicle, suffered most serious injuries and had to be freed using jaws of life. In both buses a further 19 passengers suffered injuries from falling or from smashing into various parts of the buses interiour.


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Its strange especially when I am on a bike and my lights go green and we move ahead and then see a cyclist jumping their red light so we all have to slow down or swerve dangerously to avoid

it is only a matter of time?

scrap the f##kin things now

Can’t believe a Transit swerved for a cyclist!?

The bicycle may have been at fault and caused it all but the first ‘Transit Bus’ missed him. What the heck was the following bus doing though? I thought you were supposed to leave a safe stopping distance, something the driver clearly did not.

Well said Chuffster, in most people’s hatred of cyclists, a lot seem to forget that safe driving and ability to stop in dangerous situations is the responsibilty of ALL users of the road.

In this country, the second bus driver would be legally liable for not having a safe stopping distance. Plain and simple.

I got the bus this morning for the first time in years and two things surprised me: One is the price of it, £1,50??? It’s so expensive!!! Second, is the fact that the drivers seem to have this sort of agreement between them stating that to be the coolest bus driver you have to drive as close as possible to the other bus in front. The guy this morning didn’t leave 10cm on space to the bus in front. Incredible!

That’s how they make bendy buses Cezar, they just wait until two normal buses smash into each other,then throw a rubber sleeve over the mess and hey presto, a bendy bus.

£1.50?? You were robbed LoL.

That’s the price Andrew! I was amazed! It means that per week return it would cost me £15 to commute to work, whereas on the scooter I spend 7,50 on petrol. It means that I save £360 a year and £540 in 18 months for the scooter maitenance, which cost me for 18 months £116.

Scooter to work has saved me £424 compared to the bus! I won’t even go into the underground discussion otherwise everyone will ride scoters and Barro will loose his job.

Saw a bus get pulled over by the old bill tonight. Bus drove through a set of lights that were out of order with the old “lights out of order sign” on them, I seem to remember that if lights are out at a four way stop it becomes a give way. Anyway, long story short, bus driver breezes through without so much as a “dont mind if I do” and norrowly missed a car, a police car!!! He he he, he got a right old bollocking. I had to hang around for a bit (being nosey and vengeful) and he was hauled out of the bus with the policeman having a MAJOR go at him. Lots of motorists tooting and giving thumbs up.