Cut my gloves to separate ring and little fingers?

I have a pair of Alpine Stars gloves which have the ring and little finges sewn together. This means you can only do 2 or 4 finger braking. I think I used to do 3 finger braking with my old gloves. The question is whether to separate the ring and little fingers on the thorttle hand. A quick go with a pair of scissors would do the trick and not damage the stiching. Or I could get WASP to do it properly.

So the question is whether to do it or get used to 2 finger braking. I think they are sewn together to help protect your fingers in the event of an off. Just thought I’d put it out there to see what others think.

I prefer not having my fingers stitched together. The way I see it is if I’m going to break a finger its going to happen.

to answer if it works, just look at the hands of racers from over 8 or so years ago, and then look at the hands of racers now. it only takes a little force to snap that pinkie sideways and it will forever be pointing out to the side once it has been snapped. ( i think even poor Gabs was a victim of this sort of injury) besides its not as bad as it sounds with the fingers joined. i initially thought it would hinder me but within about 30seconds i never even noticed they were joined :slight_smile:

The connection is there to protect your little finger so if it’s there I’d be tempted to leave it there to do its job unless it’s really pissing you off.

Having said that, I (and most people I see) happilly ride around all day in gloves with no little finger connection and I’ve never even considered looking for it in a new pair of gloves - maybe I’ll change my tune when I fall on my hand and get my little finger torn off :crazy:

^^ then you won’t need it :stuck_out_tongue:

Surely the pinkie follows the rest anyways - or at least half follows. Try it. I’m’a 2 finger braker or a handful of brake braker. Never a 3 finger braker. Get short levers then you don’t have to worry about it!

If there’s enough force to rip off your little finger - you don’t want another finger attached to it as well, do you? :ermm:

“And don’t call me Shirley!”

Chop it if you like, sometimes safety is dependent on comfort…

I’ve broken a finger before and it was pretty annoying though so watch out.

i cut it on my gloves as it felt a bit restrictive.

Leave as is, they’re like that for a reason :smiley:

Update. I didn’t really notice them at all on Sunday so maybe I’m over it now. Solution is to ride more. Thanks for all the replies.

I ONLY wear Alpine Stars gloves BECAUSE they have patented the pinky saving system.

I like my pinky finger where it is thank you very much!!