custom tail tidy

I just knocked up this tail tidy in 3D to fit my CBR as the outlet canisters are too big to fit through my harris one.

Its more or less like the harris one but a kind of stubby version with more clearance to fit my exhaust

what do you reckon?

i think i have a go at making it next week.


Do you take orders? :smiley:

only when my gaffer is off on holiday! :smiley:

ill post up a pic when i get a first off manufactured and folded

r o b - you might as well flog a few on eBay if they are easy to make. No doubt there will be others with the same problem, so you might as well reap the reward.

You should make harder wearing knee sliders instead of using your leathers like at brands.

Quality work I suggest a k6-k7 gsxr tail tidy for when your next bored :slight_smile:

Haha, cheers,

ill see how this one goes, will get some pics up once ive sorted this one, should have it done in a day or 2

okay it took a bit longer that expected but heres and unfinished version tested for fit.

And heres the powdercoated version.

( to be fitted when i get round to it)

Nice work! Next step gsxr k6 :slight_smile: