Custom made braided hoses

Anyone know where I can get a custom made braided hose from?

I need to get an over long clutch hose for my fighter project

HEL are the ones you want.
They will make them at any length you want… If you are a gixerjunikie you can get a 25% off.
Good guys and willing to help…

EDIT: HOSE? you want a brake hose or braided brake line?

And the same with goodridge. All the lines on the bandit were made to measure what with all the mods, and they even come in sexy colours :D. When I got a measurement wrong, they replaced it free of charge, cant say better than that.

Got any contact details please Tel?

Yes I did say Clutch Hose;) if you wanna d/load the catalogues or you could bell 01327 858799 or email [email protected] not entirely sure if he still works there as I got my stuff early last year.

[email protected] would probably be your best bet. :slight_smile:

Or these lovely boys :

Fantastic quality

Cheers Ears:cool:

Agree with Gurninman, before you make a decision on HEL or Goodridge check out Venhill.

Got mine from a trusted bike mechanic mate who’d switched from HEL & Goodridge as he found the quality far superior, easier to bleed etc… Customer support is very good too by all accounts.

Venhill are the dogs doodads - not the cheapest, but by far the best.

They’ll make any hose or cable for you to your specs… fantastic stuff .

I used to make my own brake lines, but these days it’s cheaper to get them done for you - I used to spend all day making bespoke brake / clutch / oil cooler lines, so a couple of extras were no problem.

I may well get back into making oil cooler stuff again…