Custom gixer paint job!!

Sorry! My bad all fixed and thanks!

Just found this fine american specimen of a paint job!

Apparently its SO TIGHT!

If I was into pink, (which Im not) I would love it, (but I don’t)

link dunt work!

That’s shockin’ 0

Yeah yeah, been there - and without the horrid music :hehe: didnt like pink - still hate it, but it looked ok…kinda…

Shoot me down, but yours don’t look 'arf bad… :smiley:
Do you have lasers in the air ducts? :cool:

I take it you binned it from your sig pic? :wink:

Not bad for an SV eh? :hehe:

The binning incident in the sig was as an (ex-!)passenger on a sidecar taxiride in France for charity :wink:

Yeah its a great shot! and I like the bike.
I love the mirrored visor too, I have gone through so many of those in a short amount of time… :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks dude :wink: mirrored visors are great as long as you dont scratch them lol…once i scratched mine, that was it - little spiders started appearing on the circuit! i nearly had to make a complaint! :slight_smile:

erm, sweet, ahem…


I’ve never understood the girlie pink bike thing…

For me, a female rider will look best only on a black bike, in full black leathers (with no branding) and black helmet :smiley:

But then, black shows off the figure best, and I’m a perv :laugh:

you mean like this? :w00t::hehe:

Can’t see any pics there :frowning: (work’s filter).




you remember, mate, the pic of the chick on the gixxer with black PVC on :wink:

That rider now looks like a dairy lee cow on my screen as I’ve just left a few creamy stains all over it. :laugh:

Afro, toooooo much information dude!! :w00t:

Gabby, so do you have a similar outfit?!? :wink:

I quite like the pink and black on your SV, although I think it looks better in it’s blue livery, and I’ve been meaning to ask is that a race version of the SV fairing? (I’ve not studied the front end of an SV that much so haven’t noticed the obvious/major differences between yours and a road version) :smiley:

Personally I don’t care what colour bike a girl rides if she can ride it, it’s all about personal choice anyway and everyone knows that anything in blue, or blue and white, is better than all the rest anyway! :smiley:

Yes, that certainly is more important, but for me, it’s better that she can’t ride too well so that I can keep up with her to watch that ass compress and rebound off the seat :smiley:

all the answers and more are here: