Custom Decals

Hi all…Does anyone know any company’s they can recommend who can make custom decals and bike graphics…I have a decal that is on my bike at the moment but i want it made up as is but in a different colour…Any ideas??

Hi, I tried looking arround and the conclusion was to try to make them my self. You can get really prof, if you spent some time and £ in proper paper and so on. In google you will find all the materials you need, you should have a decent printer and time to design.

Good luck!!



Bought some Laser transfer paper from here:

Craft Paper

Messed around with Paint shop pro and print most of my own now…:smiley:


Looks like if you email these guys with the design they can help you out

Like the bike in bed avatar:)

Have a word with out very own Trouty, apart from number plates he also makes decals:cool: