Custom bike wraps/paint jobs

Anyone know much about custom wraps or paint jobs for bikes?

  • Any experiences?
  • Know anything about the design process?
  • How much did you take part in the design process?
  • Were you able to play with designs yourself on computer/iPad?

I’m considering the 2020 BMW S1000RR, but I don’t like any of the colour options and would love to make the bike my own by having a custom look.

I have experience in both.

For painting there’s huge variety of price and service depending on who you go to.
Dream machine are well known but cost alot.

I designed my own look and got Scortch to do the job.
Very happy with the result and 3 years later still looks amazing.

For decals I just put a sticker set on my SmcR and process was easier quicker and cheaper

Awesome! Could you share some photos of your bike? :smile:

What is Scortch? You mean like Scotch Tape or something? lol

Tell me more about how you designed it! :raised_hands:

Scortch is the guy that painted his bike, done a few on here I think.

Did you mean Scorch instead of Scortch?

Yeah Scorch! Silly autocorrect

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just used a pic of the bike, photoshop and decals,
its was a simple design

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I have added vinyl wrap to my bike to personalise it.

I did the design myself in Photoshop, but it was really a very basic version of the 2010 colour scheme on a 2008 bike, so not too complicated.

Watched loads of YouTube videos, read online blogs and instructions, bought the vinyl colours I wanted and then just gave it a go.

That was about 4yrs ago and it still looks great now.



It looks like you did a really good job. I’m impressed how it made the stock exhaust look like an Akrapovic as well!


Haha, was waiting for that :laughing:

But seriously, to add to my post; if you have a simple design, a relatively steady hand and good eye for graphics why not have a go? Vinyl is pretty cheap in the scheme of things so if it looks like trash just take it off and pretend it never happened!

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Ive wrapped my DRZ for a total cost of about £15.

i think it came out badly, but BigRedS claims its alright.

theres loads of places where its not quite gone into corners. If you go for it then you want actual vehicle vinyl, a hot air gun and sharp scalpel. I took my panels off to do it, but then had issues securing them as i put the wrap on, so it might be best to leave it on the bike where possible.

That’s awesome! :clap: well done :raised_hands:

Photos or it didn’t happen? :slight_smile:

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Did the decals come with the Xmas decorations???

i had to pay extra for that

Decent boat, that :ok_hand: :joy:

LOL… I’m not sure about the application but the colour certainly is questionable! :slight_smile:

Oh man, miss my DRZ.