Well as I missed the last curry anyone up for another?


i will be up for it kev

We might be up for this as well :slight_smile:

Monday July 13th?

I’ve popped it on our calendar :slight_smile:

Hhhmmmm Curry…

It’s on the LB Calendar now too…:slight_smile:

I’ll be up for this, that if i remember this time!:smiley: :w00t:

Isnt this the same night as the Boot at Sarratt ?

It’s a good evening, and for those who don’t know - the food only came to £10 per head last time (free popadoms, free starter & 40% off the bill)


Now all I have to do is remember to turn up… :smiley:

Erm -I’ve got the day off and will be spending it with his nibs - Sha-moan!

Soz no can do

ill be there

count me in
wait till mel sees this she might decide to come mind you she didnt get us a good deal last time if i remember Tiggi done all the work lol

Meeting as usual at the Shooting Star from 5.30 onwards : Address: 125-129, Middlesex St, London, E1 7JF, which is just a short staggering distance from Brick Lane and a big fat curry - yum yum!

We’ll be there with beers until around 7.30 and then off to Brick Lane.

Someone will haggle a deal (any volunteers?) between various curry houses so the final venue is TBC [BigGrin]

So people still up for this?

Trisckie I didn’t know Sarret was still going. There haven’t been any posts for a while. And the last time I went it was just GSXRAng, TDJ, and myself.

weather permitting, I am up for a little curry for once…

i’d be up for so curry:) forgot about the last one. i dont work far from there:)

sounds good, never been to one, so might just try it on monday:D

Just bagged myself a babysitter for tonight so i’ll be popping along to this.

See you guys there

i will be coming see you all there

A good night with Chenster and Ginger providing the after dinner entertainment. :smiley:

was a good nite

shame about the people who didnt turn up